Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jubilee Celebrations. Worth The Money? (16 Days to Go)

With just 16 days to go the to-do list is becoming one big muddle. Not that I did'nt expect it but I'm starting to realise I wouldn't have been able to prepare properly regardless.

The expense of moving has also been a lot more than what I had initially expected. Last night I forked out £170  in shipping costs from Hertfordshire, UK to Wicklow, Ireland. Only to get a call from the haulage company telling me that for insurance reasons they are not covered to carry personal goods. On top of this the shipping company are simply a web based handler and they do not have a direct contact number. So I have had to book another 'shipper' which funnily enough was half the price??? GRRR! Now I'm left with the annoying task of trying to recover the £170 paid to them with only an e-mail address for contact. 4 hours later and still no response to my e-mail, getting a bit miffed!

I'm not far off sorted though. The haulage company will collect my stuff tomorrow so effectively by tomorrow evening I will have nothing more to do while in the UK except finish my last 2 days work, have some farewell drinks with friends and colleagues, pack the last of my clothes and fly home. Once I get to this point I'll be more or less home free (excuse the pun).

In other news, had my end of year drinks with the guys from college, was a great night, apart from the constant rain, I wont miss that at all! Last night was another farewell session, with the 'Folk Music' crowd this time. Was a good night and it was nice to see the people that welcomed me onto the scene when I first arrived in the UK.

I spent most of the weekend packing and trying to sell stuff on e-bay (complete waste of time) and didnt really get a chance to see any of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

Not that I would have watched any of the jubilee celebrations anyway. In fact I think spending the kind of money on those celebrations was rediculous, it could have gone to some charitable organisations, there's plenty of them out there that could have made good use of all those millions, you can be sure they would stretch a long way! .

I bet she would've been happy with a do in the Buckingham Community Centre with the Sex Pistols (or at least what's left of them) bashing out the hits from 'Nevermind the Bollocks' and I'm sure Carl Cox would've been happy to spin a few beats in exchange for a Big Mac. I can see it now,  Harry wired in a corner, Prince Charles and Camilla mashed 'giving it sox' and Kate grinding on William after a few Gins... Now that I would've watched!!!

Anyhoo... Till my next scrawlings.

Do chara, do mhac, do dheartháir,



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  2. I don't think it was wrong to have the jubilee celebrations. Maybe they shouldn't have been so big, but... its jubilee!!!

  3. Fantastic article!